Autism Research Grants Fund the Search for a Cure to ASD

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Autism Research GrantsAutism effects over 2 million people in the United States alone. Worldwide, this figure is in the tens of millions. And while we do not fully understand the causes of it or how to effectively treat the condition, the valuable work of medical researchers has provided a much better understanding of the illness in recent years. Through this research, we are able to diagnose autism spectrum disorder earlier and are developing treatments methods that show positive results. If there is ever going to be a cure for Autism, it will come through additional research. These foundations provide funding to autism research projects that continue that work.

Autism Speaks
Founded in 2005 by the grandparents of an autistic child, this foundation is now the leading advocate for autism research. It funds projects that investigate causes, prevention and treatment of ASD and that search to develop a cure. The foundation provides support through fellowships. Currently, it is interested in research that address these priority areas: identification of risk factors, improving medical care, improving the lives of autistic adults, increasing early detection in children and reducing symptoms. To apply for a research grant with Autism Speaks, you must do so through the online system. Applications are not accepted through other methods. To inquire, contact the research grants manager Joan L. New by emailing or by calling 609-228-7313.

Autism Science Foundation
ASF was founded in 2009, and has already provided over $1.1 million through ASD research grants. This opportunity is open to graduate students, medical students and postdoctoral candidates. Grants range from $25,000 to $35,000 and are to be used over one year. Applications are accepted between August 15 and November 15 and are awarded the following March. Some examples of research topics the foundation is currently looking to fund are: human behavior, human genetics, immunology, neurobiology, neuropathology and pharmacology. To contact the Autism Science Foundation, call 212-391-3913 or email

Brenen Hornstein Autism Research and Education Foundation
The BHARE Foundation is a small foundation based in Elks Grove, IL. It currently supports the research conducted at HRI-Pfeiffer Treatment Center and that of 7 medical researchers. To contact BHARE, email or call 847-352-7678.

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