Autism Grants Fund iPad, School and Research Programs

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Autism GrantsAutism is a widespread condition which is found in 1 in 88 children in the United States, leaving almost no one who doesn’t know of someone affected by this disease. We’ve covered a number of grants here at Grants Guys that focus their attention on autism. These grants range from providing funding for valuable research into autism and its causes to simply helping children with autism afford iPads that are used as therapeutic learning tools. Please take a moment to look over these topics for autism grants.

Autism Grants for iPads
In this article, we specifically covered a few very special organizations that provide grants for iPads to be used as assistive technology by autistic children. Each and every one of them was started by a parent of an autistic child after they themselves saw the results of what this technology could do with their own children. Not only are these organizations happy to help other children but they also need your support to do so. Check them out.

Autism Grants for Schools
In this topic, we covered two types of educational grants. Through these funding sources schools that work with autistic kids can receive financial support to continue the work of their programs. The other grants covered allow parents of autistic children to apply for grants that send their children to programs for education and treatment.

Autism Speaks Grants
Here we covered the largest advocacy organization and grant supporter to the autism cause including some background information on how the non-profit was started and criticism it has received by those in the autistic community. Autism Speaks is both the largest private funder of medical research looking into finding a cure for the condition and a large supporter of other efforts such as education and recreation programs for autistic children.

Autism Research Grants
While it still does not receive nearly as much funding as other types of medical research, we covered the largest grant programs currently supporting autism research in this article. These grants not only look into the causes and risk factors associated with autism but also seek to improve early detection and treatment methods that can help improve the lives of those living with autism.

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