Autism Grants for iPads Could Get Your ASD Child Assistive Technology

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Autism Grants for iPadsApple iPads are a prevalent tool being used as assistive technology for autistic children. There are a variety of applications that assist with therapy, communication and motivation. Communication augmentation applications help children learn to put sentences together with pictures and symbols. There are also predictive indicators in some of the apps that can help them complete thoughts and sentences. This helps improve the spectrum of communication available to autistic kids. Organizing applications not only help them stay on task and on target but also give encouraging rewards of checking accomplishments off a list. There are various types of scheduling planners as well as audio recording and text-to-speech apps. Even though iPads are less expensive than full desktop computer systems, they are often out of reach for some families already burdened by the high financial costs caused by having a child diagnosed with autism. These organization provide grant opportunities for families like these to obtain iPads for their autistic children.

Apps for Children with Special Needs
Apps for Children with Special Needs is a unique type of opportunity for obtaining an iPad to assist a child with autism. This can be thought of as a grassroots effort by a parent of a child on the autism spectrum. Because this parent knows the plight of families struggling with helping their autistic child, he created this opportunity to give back. Applying for assistance is simple through the website’s application form. So far, Gary has been able to gift more than 220 iPads to autistic children and professionals who assist children with special needs. They do ask for a little information about your situation and if you are able to contribute anything at all toward the purchased iPad. Parents can enter zero if they are unable to contribute anything toward the cost of the iPad. Those selected are contacted by email and announcements also appear on the organization’s Facebook page.

Danny’s Wish
Danny’s Wish is the powering impetus behind the blog Let’s Chat Autism. Danny is a 13-year-old who lives with the challenges of autism every day but serves as the inspiration for this opportunity. The current goal of the blog is about iPads for autism and raising at least $50,000 to distribute 100 iPads to children who can use this learning tool the most. The Danny’s Wish gang is encouraging everyone to apply because all requests will be considered. You can download the application on the Let’s Chat Autism website and fill out the contact form to start the process.

iTalk Autism Foundation
The iTalk Autism Foundation was founded in January 2011 after Brooke Olson, the parent of an autistic child, discovered the amazing effects that interactive applications could have on her own child. Her son began with an iPod but was prospering so much in just four months that she immediately knew she wanted to help bring this gift to additional children. That’s where the iTalk Autism Foundation came from. Now established as a 501c3 organization, they hope to increase donations to help as many children as possible. With a primary focus of educating caretakers and service providers, the foundation has also managed to supply more than 90 families with iOS devices. To inquire about the iPad grant program, contact the iTalk Autism Foundation by email at

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