Archery Grants Provide Matching Funds for Equipment Purchases

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Archery GrantsWhile not a massively popular sport, archery has a small but passionate following of dedicated enthusiasts. Some choose to give back to the sport they themselves loved. Other types of archery grants are offered by archery equipment manufacturers and are supported by state grants to encourage involvement with archery in our young people. And for those that want to pursue a professional career in archery or who are contemplating an Olympic run, USA Archery offers a development grant program. I found it interesting that the sport was receiving so much support through these grants. If you are actively seeking grant support for your own local program, here is where and how you should apply to receive assistance.

Easton Foundations Grants
Easton is a family business which specializes in the manufacture of state of the art sporting goods equipment such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, helmets and sports apparel. They were the first company to manufacture aluminum arrows which revolutionized the sport of archery. Easton Foundations started its first foundation in 1984 and now functions as a group of foundations run by former CEO Jim Easton. Because of its history with archery, many of the grants it offers support awareness of archery and programs that provide access to the sport to American school children.

Easton offers grants to non-profit organizations, schools and government agencies. It accepts requests for grants year round as long as they are for less than $25,000. For larger grants, it handles requests twice a year with deadlines of March 1 and September 1. Grants will provide for equipment and other needs associated with running archery programs. Programs can serve any segment of the population from elementary school kids to college students and adults. If you have any questions about the grant program, contact Idida Briones by dialing 818-909-2207, ext. 306 or by sending her an email to

Archery Facility Grants
In addition to its archery program grants, Easton also offers special funding opportunities for those building archery centers or facilities. The goal of the program is to expand the number of facilities available to competition level archers across the United States. The facility must have plans to open year round and must also support Olympic-style archery. Generally Easton has supported projects like this with a financial contribution for around 10-50% of the facility’s overall cost.

National Archery in the Schools Program
NASP started as a small local program in Kentucky in 2001 and has expanded to many other states. And many of these states have grant programs that support the Archery in the Schools Program. In Michigan, for example, the Department of Natural Resources has a matching grant program. Schools inside of Michigan can apply for an receive up to half the cost of a school archery package. Many other states have similar programs offered usually by a DNR or similar state agency. Here ae a few specific state programs. Check with your state’s natural resources or wildlife agency to see if it supports the National Archery in the Schools Program if you don’t see your state listed below.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Provides grants that range in size from $300 to $3,000 to purchase archery equipment. Schools must have a basic archery instructor who is certified to apply for the grant. The yearly deadline for the grant program is November 15 with funding decisions made by December. If you have any questions, contact Colorado Coordinator Tabbi Kinion at or by calling 303-291-7165.

Iowa Archery in the Schools Foundation
These grants are provided by a private foundation which works with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to provide matching grants to schools interested in joining the National Archery in the Schools Program. The foundation will provide 50% of the cost of the archery kit or $1,267 and expects each school selected to raise the rest of the cost.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Offers an archery equipment kit to schools to bring National Archery in the Schools curriculum to the classroom or after school program. Limited to one school per district where schools are allowed to circulate equipment. The DNR will provide 50% of the cost of the equipment and pay $1,356 toward the archery kit. Each school will also pay 50%. To apply call Kathy Garland at 517-241-9477 or email her at

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
The $5,000 Genesis Bow archery package is offered to schools for only $3,100. In Minnesota, schools and organizations receiving the DNR grant will have $1,500 applied to its purchase. Only $1,600 will be charged to grantees who receive the competitive grant. To contact dial 218-999-7949 or email

North Dakota Game and Fish Department
The Game and Fish Department will provide up to 50% of the start-up archery kit purchase as long as the school can provide its own matching funds. For more information on the North Dakota archery grant, contact Jeff Long by email at or by calling 701-328-6322.

USA Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development Grants
In addition to school funding programs, other organizations offer grants for archery clubs and to those that wish to explore pursuing archery competitions in the Olympics and other international contests. This USA Archery Grant derives its support from a partnership between archery legend Ann Hoyt and Easton Foundations President Jim Easton. Funding can be used to purchase archery equipment, supplies and to pay for coaching certification. Grants are offered to archery clubs for up to $5,000 each. USAA reviews proposals three times a year following March 1, June 1 and September 1 deadlines. To apply or for more information not provided here, email Jon Taylor the USA Archery Program Coordinator at

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