Apple Grants: How Students and Schools Can Get Education Discounts

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Apple GrantsRegardless of what you may have seen online, Apple Computers does not offer an Apple Grant for a free iPad, computer or other product. It does, however, provide a great program for students and schools, offering discounts for products to be used in the pursuit of education. For this reason, the Apple in Education program is often confused as a grant program and sometimes referred to incorrectly as Apple Grants. The discounts offered to students can make an otherwise unaffordable expense much more obtainable. And if your school already has a source of funding, the program can help stretch your budget to provide a maximum value for your upcoming technology purchase.

Apple in Education
If you are a current student enrolled in or accepted for college or a parent buying for your child, you can take advantage of discount pricing on computers, software and accessories. Many schools have an Apple campus store, often located in the university bookstore or student union, where you can try out and purchase discounted apple products. If your school doesn’t have a campus store, products priced with the student discount can also be purchased at all Apple retail stores and online at

Apple offers a much more extensive program for schools. By buying across a school or district, you can save up to 50% on software licensing. In addition to education pricing plans, Apple has designed a line of classroom learning equipment under the Apple Learning Labs product line. An Apple Learning Lab can contain iPad, iPod and MacBook configurations in a mobile unit allowing for ease of use across multiple classrooms. Apple provides online workshops to train teachers and will work with your IT staff to support your technology initiatives. Apple also offers a recycling program to schools to dispose of your old equipment and if they have a value on the secondary market, you can receive a payment for your outdated computers. If you have any questions about the discounts or programs offered to your school, contact the company directly at 800-800-2775 to speak to an Apple representative.

Grants for iPads in the Classroom
Just because Apple does not offer Apple iPad Grants does not mean that there are not other routes to find funding for your classroom iPad and computer projects. If you find yourself stumped for ways to fund any classroom need including digital devices like iPads, you might want to try Donor’s Choose. This stellar non-profit organization allows for teachers from all over the country to create listings for the things they desperately desire in their classrooms. And they work hard to attract individual and corporate givers to support those requests. There are many current iPad funding requests running on this donation website. So if you’re trying to fund a project like this, you should give it a shot. Advice I’ve been able to turn up about posting a Donor’s Choose request suggests that you keep the monetary amount of each request as low as possible. Smaller projects do tend to get funded the easiest but 70% of all requests on the site hit their funding goals. So give it a shot. Visit their website and click “I’m a Teacher” to get started. You never know. You might just attract an educational angel to your cause.

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