4 Types of AED Grants to Save Money on Equipment Purchases

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AED GrantsAs one of the overall leading causes of death in the United States, over 350,000 Americans of all ages suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest every year. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, every minute they go without treatment can lead to irreversible brain damage and death. And with an average response time of 8-12 minutes after calling 911, often a person suffering from cardiac arrest dies while waiting for help to arrive.

An automated external defibrillator or AED is a portable medical device that with minimal training can be used to diagnose and treat someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. These devices are designed to be used by normal people in emergency situations where having an AED in place can quickly save a life. The American Red Cross suggests that having an AED within 4 minutes of every American could save over 50,000 lives each year.

There are many models available by several main manufactures. The average cost of an AED is around $1,500. AED grants are offered by several sources to help place these life saving units in public places.

Rural Access to Emergency Devices Grant
This federal program is offered by the Office of Rural Health and is available to emergency responders, non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses located in rural areas where access to AEDs are low. To check the availability of this program in your county, visit the Office of Rural Health website.

AED Grant for Churches
Initial Life Support Federation
ILSF offers a grant program specifically for churches and houses of worship where deeply discounted AEDs are offered for under $1,000. For more information about this program email director@ilsf.info or call 610-566-2824.

AED Grant for Schools
Cintas Scholastic AED Program
This program places AEDs in schools nationwide and offers a discounted rate to all schools nationwide not selected by the program to receive free AEDs.

AED Grant for Sports Teams
US Lacrosse AED Matching Grant Program
US Lacrosse offers an AED matching grant program open to lacrosse teams, leagues and chapters. If awarded a matching grant, the cost for the AED offered under the program is reduced to only $700.

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  1. Friendship Community Care is a non-profit organization who cares for the mentally challenged children and adults all across the State of Arkansas. We have 45 facilities, serve over 900 special consumers and have over 1000 wonderful employees. I am a nurse and a certified American Red Cross Instructor for CPR/First Aid/AED, however we have no AED machines. We would benefit greatly with these machines in each facility. Since we are a non-profit we have budget constraints that prevent us to purchase AED machines. With a grant we can help save lives. Thank you.

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