Adult Day Care Grants Mainly Come From Federal and State Sources

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Adult Day Care GrantsAdult day care centers provide a much-needed service to a growing group of American seniors. Also known as adult day services, these facilities are community-based, non-residential programs that offer various forms of part-time care. They are perfect for seniors who don’t require 24 hour nursing that are able to live at home with family care givers but who benefit from supervision or recreation when family members are unavailable.

There are over 5,000 adult day cares in the United States. Combined they care for well over a quarter of a million seniors. Most operate as non-profits that traditionally serve under one of two models. Some are more specialized in medical care, offering nursing, treatment and rehabilitation services. These work with seniors overcoming hospital stays, those dealing with disabilities or who are diagnosed with conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Others are strictly recreational facilities which offer meals and social activities to their daytime attendees. The cost of adult day care can range from $20 to $100 per day, depending if the model is more medically or socially focused. For those who require medical or nursing services, an adult day care is usually a much more affordable option than hiring a personal care professional to provide a similar service inside the home.

Federal Funding for Adult Day Care
Most grant funding the Federal Government earmarks for use by adult day cares is offered through a block or formula grants process. These are not grants that those operating a day care facility would apply for. But rather this money is automatically budgeted to states who then distribute funding through state-run programs to organizations that provide services. If you run an adult day care facility or are looking to start one, you would always contact your local state agency that handles this funding to find grant support for your adult day services business.

Social Services Block Grant
The Department of Health and Human Services distributes funding to states for a variety of social services programs through this large block grant through the Administration for Children and Families. While it funds many types of programs, this is a major source of funding that states can use to fund adult day care centers. To find out if your state allocates SSBC funding to adult day care, contact your local agency.

Supportive Services and Senior Centers Program
This funding is provided by another arm of the DHHS that specifically works with senior services. The Administration on Aging program also passes funding to state agencies. This grant funds senior centers and adult day cares in addition to other services that benefit seniors. To apply for support, locate the state agency that receives this funding in your area.

Veterans State Adult Day Health Care
Disabled veterans are a growing segment of the population that now use adult day services and for this reason the Veterans Administration funds these services through this grant. States receive money on a monthly basis. The grant will provide for half the cost of each patient’s care up to $68.13 per day.

Foundation Support for Adult Day Care
While not as common as public funding, there is some support for adult day care facilities that work specifically with certain types of seniors. With foundation support, this is an area of funding where generally grants are offered directly to organizations that provide services.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
The AFA offers the Phyllis and Milton Berg Family Respite Grant to association members working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Funding is intended to provide services to patients with financial need through local scholarship programs. The $5,000 grant is offered twice yearly in two funding cycles. Applications must be postmarked by June 1 or December 1. The AFA also offers a larger $25,000 grant once a year to an organization offering innovative services for Alzheimer’s patients. For additional information about the AFA and its grant programs, consult this AFA Grant FAQ from the foundation website.

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  1. Sherri says:

    I am trying to start an adult center in my area. I am looking for a grants that can help with renovation cost plus other expenses. Let me know how to apply for these grants.

  2. Christine Upton says:

    We benefited from grants where my husband attended the adult day program. In fact several different places. I was still working full time. I was so grateful that the day program found money to ease our financial burden. Christine

  3. Latisha Townsend says:

    I am trying to start an adult day care center and need more information on what grants are needed to fund my business.

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