A Northern Idaho Grant for Free Firewood

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Damon Gives Free Firewood

Owner Of Northern Lakes Tree Service

Very rarely do I post Grants on a local business or service since our site visitors come from all over the country and around the world. Typically, we like to cover grants that are available around the entire United States or at the very least in a region of the country or large metro area. It generally doesn’t do you much good to get information on a grant that you can only apply for if you live in Poughkeepsie if you live in Atlanta.

However from time to time we do make an exception to that rule when an individual, organization or company deserves a pat on the back. I’m a tremendous fan of corporate giving programs and personally feel that every company should make some kind of charitable contribution to the community they serve. In the end, these selfless acts truly help those around them regardless of corporate motives that make them provide local charity. But, we all know what goes around comes around. So here goes…

So let me get to the point and tell you about a small company we found in North Idaho and the cool giving program they created that not only helps those in their local area but also solves their problem of the unwanted waste they encounter in their line of work. The name of the company is Northern Lakes Tree Service and it is owned by Damon Bretthauerand. Across Northern Idaho, where they cut down trees and clear land for a living, they take the wood they produce through their tree service and offer it as a grant for free firewood. According to the business’s information page, the company offers the gift of free firewood to three types of needy folks in their area: single mothers, widows and elderly shut-ins.

Damon is quoted on his site, “One way we care for other people’s needs is to give away our surplus firewood to people that can’t afford it or are not physically able to get that on their own.” Man, what a cool way for a company to give back. Not only do they remove the unwanted wood cut down from their client’s properties but they get it to people who really need it to stay warm. Have you ever been to Idaho in the wintertime. I can assure you, it’s cold!

If you live in the area and meet their requirements, Northern Lakes Tree Service will deliver this firewood to you absolutely free of charge. The program is seasonal as is their tree service. Free firewood is available between May and the end of October. If you are interested in this grant yourself or know someone in need who can truly use it, feel free to contact owner Damon Bretthauer by calling 208/443-3600. You’ll not need to fill out a burdensome grant application or provide proof of your income to receive this grant.

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